Financial services

With an extremely vast and complex system in place to seek funding and lending opportunities for businesses, it can be very difficult to talk to the right person to reach the outcome you want. With the banking industry leaning to much in the way of conservative lending, with very little appetite to help younger growing businesses. We at Woodshires have a very broad range of specialists who can assist any business or individual in getting the money they need to grow.

How is this different than visiting my bank? In the current climate banks are happy to lend to businesses that are very well established that only seek funds for conservative growth or property purchases. However as we all know not all businesses fit this criteria and sometimes it is best to look more holistically at a business and their future growth.
How much will it cost? There is no cost from us. Our goal is purely to ensure that you are connected to the right adviser to get you the outcome you want.

Should you wish to proceed with one of our connected specialists, fee's will be advised accordingly by the adviser.
Who do you use? We work with many whole of market specialists who all specialise in certain sectors. These advisers are all FCA regulated with vast experience in regulatory and criteria based lending, either through high street banks or independent funders.

In short we are impartial and want to ensure the right adviser is giving you the best possible advice.
Want to know if you qualify? Get in touch and one of our experts will review your case.