Private Protection

It is only natural to protect your assets and many of us will already insure our homes, cars, pets, mobile phones and even our domestic appliances.

However, it is a known fact that most of us under insure our main asset – ourselves.

When you consider your total income over your entire working life you will be pleasantly surprised at what you are personally worth to your family.

How would they cope without you or your income?

Again, it is a fact of life that death and/or serious illness will occur to each and every one of us. What is unknown is the time when it occurs. All of us will know somebody who has suffered with cancer, heart trouble or any of a number of life changing illnesses. We might even know somebody who passed away at a time when they should have been in the “prime of their lives”.

We can protect ourselves and our family from financial hardship when difficult times arrive.

Mortgage Life Insurance Will repay the outstanding mortgage on your death so that your family inherit the house debt. free
Critical Illness Will pay out a lump sum after diagnosis of a serious illness. You can use this money to repay your mortgage or as a replacement income whilst you recuperate from illness. You could use it to modify your house or even to take a long holiday.

The choice is up to you. Many people will recover from these illnesses without side effect and will return to work within a matter of months but for others this will not be possible
Private Medical Insurance This is designed to pay for private medical care away from the NHS when you are ill. You are able to access help quickly and usually from a specialist of your choice.
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